We Are that One Flower in A Field of Many

To fans, friends, and family this is my new solar. This site will not, I repeat will not nor anyway operate as my BlogSpot. Here it is personal, I keep you updated about what is happening in my life, my thoughts, my Vlogs, and my books. No full stories will be released via this website, everything now is published!!

Annually I’ll release an excerpt here and there, but in the interim I will be doing more of what you might consider R&R. My last blog was titled What Can I Say, the idea was to delve into the mind of Timothy Mason, but the Timothy who started that blog didn’t really live up to his potential. It became a short stories diary, and while I do not regret it, I sure wish I had stayed the course. But we are writers and often what we write or plan to write transforms into something more, and at times it works out for the better. I think in my case it was many things. In short I was not a published writer or fearless of public speaking. Now I have published something, and enjoy talking in front of crowds. The world changes, and we must adapt with it.

In the following weeks, I plan to discuss many things on WordPress and bring you guys not only a literary outlook on my life, but a visual analysis. I never been much for describing myself preferring to show it via writing, in particular stories. The reason is not for privacy, I can give a fuck about privacy. My philosophy is the open book philosophy; be as honest and open as possible and you will never have any stress. The problems you have are the same problems everyone else has. The only differences is how it plays out, hence the story. We are stories, we are all characters. The world is one huge book, and in order to read every chapter we must leave home and travel. So join me my friends and see this world as I see it.


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