The Thesis: Part II

This is the second addition, or rather more officially the expanded essay of The Thesis of Life. Recently one of my favorite rappers released a new album titled The Hegelian Dialectic. The album pays homage to the philosopher Hegel and the current American crisis. Now Prodigy is an educated man, a scholar of history and wisdom, and often his words affect me. I have always been influenced by others, and the writings that influence them, whether it be friend or foe. I believe you can receive wisdom, education, and advice from any man. It doesn’t matter if he/she has succeeded or failed, a good listener must listen to everyone. So I researched Hegel and his Hegelian Dialectic and this is what I found.
First, there is the Agenda, or centralization of power. Secondly, the thesis, or manufactured threat. Thirdly, the anti-thesis, or repressive police state. and fourth and final, there we have the synthesis, the removal of our freedoms. The idea behind the Dialectic is that anytime a major crisis arises in society the powers that be take advantage of said crisis. The aim or focus is persuasion, to get a desired reaction from the public protesting that current crisis. The public will demand a solution. Every major event in history is caused by Hegelian Dialectic.

Take for example the current Refugee crisis, that is Hegelian Dialectic. The Syrian civil war has forced hundreds of thousands to flee, migrating across Europe. Upsetting the local populations of Europe, and shaking the balance of ordinary life as the EU struggle to compensate refugees with homes and placement.

Hegelian Dialectic is “the framework for guiding our thoughts and actions into conflicts that lead us to a predetermined solution.” Now when you think about it doesn’t that apply to our own self as well? I believe it does. In the case of the self, the mind and body are the central power, and the soul and spirit both play the role of a divided society. Soul and spirit are often confused. Our spirit creates our self identity, while the soul is a more divine aspect of our self.

Many people today do not follow the conventional laws of religion as say our parents or grandparents. People today tend to journey for something more, and from anywhere they can get it. They no longer turn to the church or the bible, they may play a factor, but the truth is people now search for meaning in almost every source possible. Me myself, I prefer spirit over soul. As stated spirit creates the self identity, and people desire their own purpose in life today not God’s, or Allah’s, or Odin’s. The old saying is “God has a plan for you.” I have never been religion, I believe the plan set before me is the plan I must make. We are all masters of our fate. Society is more selfish today than it ever was. There is more competition in the world, and everyone desires their own kingdom within it. I know me and my girls do.

I strive for ultimate freedom, that is my heart’s desire. I want to be free from all obligations; institutional, physical, emotional, and mental. And for the most part I have achieved just that. I have mastered the ability to control emotions, reduce stress, and developed a balance control of selfish and selfless. In every situation I look beyond what is in front of me. I refer to it as the heat of the moment, when people are so upset and angry all they can do scream, see short-term solutions, and allow negativity to cloud judgement and overwhelm the body. Positive thoughts bring positive results. Think of True Detective. Marty always let his emotions get the best of him, whereas Cole was able to control his and get the job done. We all want our life to be a certain way, we have expectations, and sometimes we fail to realize just how unlikely those expectations translate into reality. Me I am Cole, except I am not as heartless or pessimistic as he is.

I recognize the good and evil in this world, while at the same time retaining a sense of superstition this explains why I always keep a positive attitude and level-headed. Ninety-percent of the time I’m calm. It’s a phenomenon I cannot really explain. Achieving this way of life was never easy, it took time, maturing, and above all else patience. I have mastered my Hegelian Dialectic within myself, and ended the cycle of disruptions. However, I am not perfect. I have my bad days as much as the ordinary joe, but for the most point retain positivity and stability. I think a large portion of people still struggle with the Hegelian Dialectic in their own bodies, minds, and spirits as well as dealing with the Hegelian Dialectic plaguing society as a whole. Life is an illusion, so seize it and take control. Be architect of your paradise. This is the matrix break free. Free yourself. Make the reality your given your own reality.

















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