Get on that Cosmic Shit

You are what you eat, whether it’s physically, mentally, emotionally, sexually, verbally or spiritually. What you consume becomes you too.

Science has revealed that the human body is made up of millions and millions of atoms

“If we are made of atoms, then a scientist studying atoms is actually a group of atoms studying themselves.” Lol when you think of it that way that explains everyone in the world. After all don’t we study ourselves, whether it be for self discovery, soul searching, or a simple modification to our personality.

When a person dies another one is born. When a star dies another one is born. Humans, stars, and the great infinity of the universe is all connected. 

Like us, stars play a role in the universe.

There is that one star who becomes a sun

There is that one star who becomes a red sun

There is that one star who is a white dwarf

And there is that star that remains a star

Each of us desires to be that big, fiery, yellow sun in the center of our own galaxy

Many of us will never get there, but we can find other ways to serve, protect, and assist in the prosperity of our galaxy.

Stars rotate, move, and orbit the galaxy. But stars don’t orbit in circles, its a random route. Don’t we all take random journeys, have unexpected situations, and often head into a direction we never thought possible. It seems stars like life are full of twists and turns, trials and tribulations. The galaxy is in a constant state of movement as well.

With the help of other stars we call friends your star can form a constellation in the night sky. Constellations are a bit of storyteller, named after some mythical or historical event in human history.

Get on that cosmic shit. Your gifted, your talent is mystic, you’ll regret missing it.

The universe is not only made of atoms. It’s made of tiny stories.


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