We are energy living in a physical place, our glow aka spirit is Eternal, we are just expressing our glow in the human form at the moment

The center of everything is realized through knowledge.

And what’s more wiser than an elephant? 😊

A mysterious mind cannot be understood simply by conversing, you have to study its words, perspectives, and all around theory on well…anything. Strange minds develop different intuitions. People tend to steer clear of those who are dark and mysterious, but I believe the best knowledge can be found in the darkest places.

Paris is not just a historical city, or a tourism city, or even a city of love. I see it as a holy city, not religiously but humanly. This is the place where western civilization was reborn under the watchful eye of Charlemagne. He is its godfather. After the destruction of the Romans, western Europe was shattered. Charlemagne rebuilt it. In the post Roman world, France emerged as the first unified nation since. 


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