The Exiled Generation

As far back as I can remember I been looking for something, for a place to belong. A place to call my own. I realize now after all these years I was looking for was myself, not a place, a home, or even a kingdom of my own.

Touching upon a previous discussion, generations are overrated. The years categorizing them is overrated. The personal experiences of people from every era, time period, and generation have been perceived in a different way. And there is always that rare breed of folk who feel like they don’t fit in with their current generation.

Millennials are not tech savvy, we are technology dependent” says a fellow Millennial.

Millenials range from 1980 to 2000. Now think about that closely. There is a twenty year gap within the generation. A person born in 1989 like me would have a very different experience post-September 11th than a person born who is born in 1997. A person born in ’97 would be too young to process it. Their mind is not fixated politically or religiously like a twelve year old boy, who has some sense of maturity and knowledge, but is still not as politically savvy. However, he or she surely has enough sense to phantom what may happen

A critic would describe millennials as constant selfie-takers, obsessive texters, and selfish. That’s bullshit. While there is that bad turd in the bunch, there is always a bunch who strive for greatness. My two best friends hustle daily between working, schooling, interning, and various side projects. The three of us believe in conquest, dreams, and settle for nothing less.

We take selfies because we value memories

We text because we’re busy

We’re selfish because conquest requires ruthlessness. No kind man in history ascended to his throne by simply by grace.

On an individual basis, I prefer regular language as opposed to slang, both when talking and texting. I am not emoji savvy either, I tend to use the same ones over and over, often in the wrong place, and replace emojis I don’t know with words. If someone sent me a word text with an emoji I don’t recognize attached, I’ll research the definition. I distaste the whole “cloud” initiative. I am very cautious about the whole setup and never want to risk losing important files, and yes, I know I can backup my backups, which I do, but it’s just easier for me to insert a drive and copy my document.

Truthfully texting is the most unenjoyable, confusing, ineffective form of communication, in my experience. Maybe that why they invented emojis, but even still…look I just prefer voice calls. I enjoy the voice because unlike words, the tone of a person will tell you how their feeling, if their ingenuine, if their enjoying the conversation etc.
As much as I am socially-awkward I do enjoy a good conversation. Voice calls are more beneficial because obviously its quicker.

The funny thing about when liking a girl and chatting over text, a man can’t reply too quick or too slow. Me I always fuck that shit up, but let’s be honest if you like somebody and want to be in their life isn’t it really that wrong to make yourself so available, I don’t believe so. Sadly, not many share this same belief. When I like a woman, I mean really enjoy her company I can have a discussion with her all day, about random shit too. Initially I take what I have observed about the female, beginning their and with hope desire to learn more about said woman. The female mind is one of the most fascinating things about humanity.

I consider it a world wonder, and one of the most attractive things a woman can offer a man is her intelligence. I adore a smart woman, especially one who can teach me things, and not just sexually. A woman can talk me into bed. Just conversing with an intelligence woman can turn me on; the things she says, the knowledge she possess, and her dreams and inspirations and commitment to advancement.


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