A Few Lost Places in History

Beauty, one of the most intriguing yet deceptive things to the human being. The City of Biringan is renowned for its gorgeousness…and fear! A mythical city that lay in the surroundings of the Philippines. Any who dare enter the mystic city become the hunted

Kitezh, a city believed to have been founded by Georgy II, Grand Prince of Vladimir. Known as the Invisible city. In the 13th century the fearsome Mongols heard of the city and proceeded to search for it…

Thule, is largely known, however, it is still not well known if you catch my drift. Associated with Antiquity, modern scholars place its exact location in Norway. But others claim Thule to be either Iceland or Greenland.
The Nazis inserted a heavy interest in the Thule mythology. Hitler believed Thule to be the origin of the Aryan race.

What if I told you of a kingdom in Canada where men of blonde hair in expensive furs rule? Native Americans near the Saguenay River told French explorers tales of gold mines in Canada. Scholars say it was the El Dorado of the North, however explorers found no such existence of a place called Kingdom of Saguenay.


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