Details surrounding my Second Book



Previously written in 2010. Edited in under 24 hours, and released from me to you in 12 hours may I present my new anthology Renegatus!! 

Written and translated by me, Timothy Mason, but the events depicted were witnessed by my alter ego, Ravengaddafi. For those who have read A Principality of Bullets you know him as the most infamous historian. 

He is a man of mystery, darkness, and pure cunning. Ravengaddafi is the first scholar, or person for that matter to travel across not only time, but a variety of different universes, galaxies, and dimensions.

So join him on an adventure of four crazy stories of renegade princes and righteous men striving for revenge, conquest, justice, and deception.

And remember beware, for every hero is a villian, and every villain a hero

Link below, you don’t need a kindle device only the Kindle app to read. Kindle app works for all phones, android and iPhone! 😊

Renegatus by Timothy A Mason

Just A Random Thought of Meaning

Know that your only limit is you. No one can limit you and don’t let anyone limit your dreams. And always remember the sky is not the limit, the universe is your limit. But remember the universe is expanding, meaning your dreams are limitless. πŸŽ–πŸŽ—

Learn. Grow. Evolve. 😊😁

Your destiny begins on the railway, and ends on the railway, but if you achieve true freedom you never leave the railway. Instead you become the conductor, you become the master of your own fate. Chasing the stars at your own pace, but be weary about time. Time is short, yes, however, don’t rush too fast or too slow. Move at the right time, right pace! Life is chess not checkers πŸƒ

Your soul and spirit meet on a bridge by the Waterfall, where a duel of fate begins. Do you surrender to divinity or humanity? πŸ€”

Make Your Own Blessings, Self-Preservation is All About Self!Β 

If I can enlighten the world through history and story then I consider myself not an artist but a philosopher πŸ“š

We are energy living in a physical place, our glow aka spirit is Eternal, we are just expressing our glow in the human form at the moment.
We Pray to relics, look for divinity in institutions, and confess our sins to men in white collars. We share our secrets with men who consider themselves holy, but isn’t more amicable to share secrets with friends. Or better yet have no secrets, be as open as book. Spread honesty and piss on lies.

Positive energy, honest words, and freedom of institution keeps us healthy, grants us long life, and self stability

The center of everything is realized through knowledge.

Knowledge is only found in three areas: history, literature, and experience.

History shows us the mistakes of the past

Literature shows us how to solve problems through stories

Experience changes our perspective and outlook on life

Sometimes the Galaxy Just Hypnotizes Me

Sometimes the Galaxy Just Hypnotizes Me

We are energy living in a physical place, our glow aka spirit is Eternal, we are just expressing our glow in the human form at the moment

The center of everything is realized through knowledge.

And what’s more wiser than an elephant? 😊

A mysterious mind cannot be understood simply by conversing, you have to study its words, perspectives, and all around theory on well…anything. Strange minds develop different intuitions. People tend to steer clear of those who are dark and mysterious, but I believe the best knowledge can be found in the darkest places.

Paris is not just a historical city, or a tourism city, or even a city of love. I see it as a holy city, not religiously but humanly. This is the place where western civilization was reborn under the watchful eye of Charlemagne. He is its godfather. After the destruction of the Romans, western Europe was shattered. Charlemagne rebuilt it. In the post Roman world, France emerged as the first unified nation since. 

Get on that Cosmic Shit

You are what you eat, whether it’s physically, mentally, emotionally, sexually, verbally or spiritually. What you consume becomes you too.

Science has revealed that the human body is made up of millions and millions of atoms

“If we are made of atoms, then a scientist studying atoms is actually a group of atoms studying themselves.” Lol when you think of it that way that explains everyone in the world. After all don’t we study ourselves, whether it be for self discovery, soul searching, or a simple modification to our personality.

When a person dies another one is born. When a star dies another one is born. Humans, stars, and the great infinity of the universe is all connected. 

Like us, stars play a role in the universe.

There is that one star who becomes a sun

There is that one star who becomes a red sun

There is that one star who is a white dwarf

And there is that star that remains a star

Each of us desires to be that big, fiery, yellow sun in the center of our own galaxy

Many of us will never get there, but we can find other ways to serve, protect, and assist in the prosperity of our galaxy.

Stars rotate, move, and orbit the galaxy. But stars don’t orbit in circles, its a random route. Don’t we all take random journeys, have unexpected situations, and often head into a direction we never thought possible. It seems stars like life are full of twists and turns, trials and tribulations. The galaxy is in a constant state of movement as well.

With the help of other stars we call friends your star can form a constellation in the night sky. Constellations are a bit of storyteller, named after some mythical or historical event in human history.

Get on that cosmic shit. Your gifted, your talent is mystic, you’ll regret missing it.

The universe is not only made of atoms. It’s made of tiny stories.